ThunderStorm Package
- CD/DVD With software, drivers, cable pinouts and flash files
- ThunderStorm Dongle
- Access to Support Area and Forum

Cables are not provided by us, resellers can provide cables as additional option. Cables pricing policy is up to them.

ThunderStorm Team
We are the world leading group of GSM software suppliers, well-known as people with best support, reliable and honest.

- Legija
Team manager, main ThunderStorm distributor
- Eerchant
Leading beta tester and hardware master -:)
- FractalizeR
Client/server dongle upgrade (Emeralda) and secured support area author, forum administrator
- ThunderStorm
Project starter, programmer, an old developer, who wishes to remain anonymous -;))
- GSMuy
Webdesigner, flash master and phone terminator.

Questions related to sales, price policy and orders, can be answered via this e-mail:

To register your ThunderStorm dongle, activate it and get access to support area and forum, you need to provide the following details to your reseller:

  • desired login to support area. From 8 to 20 alphanumeric characters. This must be unique, so please do not use names like Tom, Smith etc. Switch your fantasy on :)
  • desired password for support area and dongle upgrade client. From 8 to 20 alphanumeric characters. Case-sensitive! Password should not be published anywhere or told to somebody, otherwise your account can be blocked.
  • your full name
  • your valid email address
  • your dongle id. It can be read by running Dongle Upgrade Client and pressing Next button once. Click on DongleID and it will be copied to clipboard automatically.

All problems with resellers and distributors, should be immediately reported to

Future Support and Updates
We will do our best to provide fast and reliable support, with incoming models support and new flash files, and some free upgrades where possible.

Support area is filled with manuals, flash files, language packs, tools and utilities

Forum will provide fast and high-quality support, and it can be accessed right after purchase.
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